The Stylist Bow Rental Service (UK Mainland Only)

The rental package for both the long and standard Sapphire has been hugely successful and we are the only suppliers Nation-wide to offer this service.

With either bow the customer receives - Bow sight, pressure button, arrow rest, string and bow bag.

A set of stabilisers and V-Bar may also be rented at an additional cost.

The bow is rented in 12 week cycles, paid in advance.There is a 20 deposit payable with the first rental and any postage if necessary. At the end of each subsequent period, a renewal advice will be issued.

The hirer has the option of purchasing the Bow and accessories at the conclusion of any rental cycle. We will deduct the rental fees from the purchase price of the equipment to a maximum of four completed 12 week rental cycles.

Should the hirer wish to continue hiring after the 48 weeks the scheme will restart and the previous rental monies is forfeited.

Limb Exchange Policy

If for any reason the hirer requires a different specification of bow limbs, we will happily exchange them for a different pair. The hirer would only pay for the postage and packaging costs.

See our Price List for a detailed breakdown of costs.